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KATIE DELUCA (born in Miami, Florida) is an American model and actress best known for her work in fashion and swimsuit modeling. Katie was first introduced to the industry in her early teenage years, and was discovered while walking down the beach one day by a local talent scout. At the age of eighteen, she met with several top agencies in Miami and signed with a well-known agency. She has since grown in the industry, and has been afforded many opportunities to work for several designers, has been published in print and commercials in the US and internationally, and has worked with a wealth of talented individuals who have taught and inspired her.  Katie has graced the pages of several magazines including Maxim, Jezebel and Better, as well as having walked in many top designer shows. 

She hopes to help inspire others through her work and passion, and is currently working to honor the memory of her late friend and mentor, André Rowe. Katie continues working for Boca Talent and Models and Michele & Group. 

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