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Morning Whaaaat?!?!

I really thought I already knew what being on the top of the world felt like... I just got back from an amazing 2 week vacation in Paris with my hubba-hubba husband, I was having new work published all the time in magazines and online, and I felt like I was really on top of my game.

Then BAM!!! I'm working one morning with a new client, and suddenly I feel unusually very nauseous - like as if a freight train just blindsided me. I figured it must have been the room service I ordered from the hotel's kitchen last night. It was a very nice hotel, but maybe I wasn't really in the mood last night for chili, after all. I tried to hold my composure as I strided to the bathroom as fast as I could. I barely made it in time, and realized when I finally lifted my head that my mascara had run all over; what in the WORLD was that about??? Where did that come from?!? Nine more times that day...... NINE FLIPPING TIMES!??!!! Holy saltines Batman!

After I gave my best excorcist performance that day, I decided that Gatorade wasn't cutting it and I checked myself into an urgent care center to hopefully get an IV for dehydration. After only taking my temperature and blood pressure, the doctor decided that I had a virus and was about to let me walk out of there with a couple prescriptions for a virus that she dubiously decided I had, before sending me to another center to get my IV drip. I sheepishly asked if I could get my blood drawn to make sure that there was nothing more serious going on. After all, throwing up 10 times in one day MAY BE what some people stereotypically imagine is "normal" for models, but not me, and NO WAY is it humanly normal otherwise (- but that's another topic I've already touched on.)

Back to the point, after the doctor said that blood work being drawn and read that day would not be possible (I was in from out of town on work, and would be gone again in 2 more days), I asked for a urinalysis test. She said that it was not necessary, and insisted that based on my symptoms and vitals, I just had a virus... That's about when that crazy little monster came back out of me, and insisted that she give me some kind of test to give me more information about what was going on inside of me... She kindly obliged. (Poor Doctor, I'm so sorry for how I was acting that day but we both know why I was crazy now!) After what seemed like an eternity waiting for someone to come back into the curtained off room and give me some kind of empirical evidence that I wasn't dying, I could hear footsteps coming my way. With my heart in my throat, the doctor excitedly ripped open the curtain and announced, "MRS. HERNANDEZ... [I was sure she was going to tell me I was dying or turning into a real life zombie or something].. YOU'RE PREGNANT!" ..... "I'm whaaaat?!?!?!?!"... "Yes! You're pregnant!!! We ran a very specific test on your sample - twice in fact, and your hCG levels are high enough to indicate that you are pregnant!!"....

Any woman out there who was this surprised to find out that she was pregnant for the first time, probably flew through the same 20 or so emotions that came across my face - happy, excited, nervous, anxious, ect ect... each and every one spent about a half second on my face, and the last of which was the one that stuck and looked something like that Kim Kardashian meme -

I must have confused the heck out of that poor doctor, who wasn't sure if I was smiling or crying, (but I swear I was definitely happy to hear this news!!!) And THAT is how I found out, I'm going to be a mom! I feel like I've been looking forward to this role my whole life. I have reached a higher peak than ever before, and I could not be more excited to share this wonderful news with the world, despite how I came to find it out (ha!) But as always, I think its important that I'm open and candid with myself and you guys (and yes, sarcasm is one of the perks that comes with this package occassionally, if you're lucky.)

PS - Who in the world decided to name it "morning" sickness?! More like 24/

7-anytime-anywhere sickness. Bleh!

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