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Week 16

I may be a little late for "bump day" (funny how things are already changing), but my stepson insisted I wait for him to take this week's photo lol.. he's too sweet like his Daddy.


Morning sickness is still a thing, I'm really hoping my doctor was kidding in some sick way when he said it could last all 9 months. Holden is pumped to be a big brother, he says he's "going to teach the baby all kinds of things." Sweet boy :) I think it may be starting to become real.. this whole I'm going to have a little human soon who is equal parts me and my husband (thank God I picked a good one! haha)

I'm feeling the extra weight a bit, climbing the stairs is becoming more of a challenge, but the cardio is good for me. I feel the little bubbles inside sometimes, they say thats the baby moving.. I guess what I've been waiting for are the little kicks, but I know that's down the road. I'm not rushing to get there, rather reminding myself every week to stop and enjoy the journey. This baby is already SO loved!

#pregnancyannoucement #pregnantmodel #morningsickness #bumpday #family #ohbaby

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