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Pregnancy Glow Worm

So yesterday I was so excited to think that I had finally gotten past morning sickness and was finding this mysterious "glow" pregnant women are supposed have.. And then that idea went down the drain this morning with my breakfast.

I have tried everything under the sun that is safe for sick pregnant women, and nothing helps the inevitable. Ginger, gatorade, crackers, water, peppermint tea, lemons, pretzels, popsicles, soup.... it all comes back. Oh! and did I mention that anything can set it off. The idea of being nauseous, perfumes, coffee, trash, body odors, pets, car exhaust while driving with the windows open at a stop light, the smell of food cooking, the smell of chicken wings in particular, the taste of water (yes, water has a specific taste!), too much of a certain taste in my salad... Anything. And they said it would only last "the first three months"... Let's hope this isn't going to stick around for the entire 9 months. I don't think I want to have this close of a relationship with my toilet bowl.

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