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At-home Workouts

If you're like me, your life is already full of things to do. There are regular responsibilities, chores, errands, maybe some social demands, family routine.... on and on the hamster wheel we go. It would seem that there are never enough hours in the day, or free hands to accomplish everything you'd ideally like to check off your list in a single day. With everything that you're doing for everyone else, its absolutely paramount that you replenish the well, and do something for yourself.

Now, I don't personally have a lot of free time (heck, I don't even have a little free time these days), but I do make it a point to try and at least squeeze in some form of exercise here and there at least once a week. It's not what I'd like to be doing (really, I'd like to take a whole afternoon nap by myself, or go get a massage, or even a mani-pedi and a facial - but let's stop dreaming here). SO, here are some apps that we can all download. along with some sites to check out to get in an at-home workout in here and there.

Apps have been sourced from Well and Good's Good Sweat feature, which can be found here.

They asked readers to tell them about their favorite workout apps (and some of them I do use either to track my fitness goals, or get workout ideas that I can do at home.)

1. Tone It Up “They do all of the thinking for you.They post a weekly schedule every Sunday, so instead of getting to the gym, not having a plan and tiring out/getting bored, I have a routine to stick to.” —Rachel

2. Physique 57 “I love Physique 57’s online workouts. They’re perfect when I’m out of town and can’t make it to their studio. Now I’ve gotten all my friends around the country hooked—and they love me for it.” —Jennifer

3. Nike Training Club “I appreciate that the app provides workouts lasting from 9 minutes to 45 minutes. I also like that even if you want to focus on one part of your body in a 15 minute workout, you still get a full workout for the rest of your body with a special emphasis on, say, arms. Absolute favorite.” —Shiveta

4. POPSUGAR Fitness “They have everything from targeted 5 to 10 minute workouts to full body 30+ minute routines. The lead trainer, Anna, has great energy and enthusiasm. Love using PopSugar!” —Jenna

5. Ballet Beautiful “The online custom workout has so many different videos that you can mix and match to make a workout that fits with the time you have and to target the different body areas you want to work on. It is really hard and helps develop long, lean muscles and great posture. I am obsessed!” —Lili

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